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Soultender’s History

Soultenders was founded in 2001 by Owner/Director, Dr. Wendy Ludecke Selevitch. Dr. Selevitch had a vision to create an environment for therapists and clients to come together, to grow and learn from one another, in order to take helping others to another level. What started out as a small practice with a few therapists in Monrovia has grown into nine locations throughout Los Angeles and beyond. We also offer therapists who provide teletherapy with the means to reach their clients in this manner as well. The independent therapists in our customer network have the opportunity to provide their valuable services in a supportive environment and build their own private practice and market their skills to help others in their community.

About the Soultender’s Director

Soultenders Director:

Wendy Ludecke Selevitch, PhD

I graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute with a Masters degree in
Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

I have always been interested in the business aspects of private practice. Early on I noticed the difficulty clinicians experienced upon starting a private practice. There are so many considerations when a newly licensed provider starts a private practice like:

  • Where do I practice?
  • How will I afford a lease?
  • Where will I find clients when I don’t like marketing
  • And insurance, how do I panel with an insurance company?
  • What fees should I expect to get from an insurance company and furthermore how do I negotiate those fees?
  • Where will I get support when I have a difficult case?
  • What software will I use to maintain my medical records?
  • What happens if I get audited by an insurance company?
  • How will I find time to do my billing and claims follow up?

After getting through the first few questions, I noticed most clinicians would feel defeated and not want to pursue a private practice of their own. Many colleagues would instead pursue employment with a DMH job or a school and I would hear their disappointment in not being able to create a thriving private practice.

This realization was so disheartening to me because when I went to graduate school, I would say 90% of my classmates would say their goal was to pursue private practice after graduation however most were unable to fulfill this due to feeling intimidated by all the business considerations of running a successful private practice. This was a “lightbulb” moment for me where I realized there was a gap in the field. Most clinical programs do not offer classes in business and private practice and most clinicians needed this support to understand how to create a flourishing practice.

Soultenders, Inc. was created to help private practice owners run a successful private practice without worrying about the administrative headache that comes with it. It is such a pleasure to watch providers create the practice of their dreams and receive the most competitive insurance rates they deserve while creating access to care to many underserved communities. If you are interested in starting your own private practice or finding struggles running your existing private practice, consider our services. We would love to support your practice and watch you flourish into your wildest dreams.

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