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The Soultenders Annual Provider Appreciation Wrap Up

THANK YOU For Attending! Your energy and presence helped to make the night a huge success, and we are grateful for each and every one of you who took the...
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How Does Telehealth and Online Therapy Work | Soultenders

What You Need to Know About Telehealth and Online Therapy

Yes, a lot of us have become savvy with zoom and meeting others virtually since the onset of the pandemic. While we may know how meeting remotely works in our...
Category: Featured Articles, For Therapist, Patient & Families
The Benefits of Group Therapy | Soultenders

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Sometimes what we’re looking for is someone who can relate to our pain or challenges. We may feel that the only way we can heal is to be around others...
Category: Featured Articles, Patient & Families
What Type of Therapy is Right for Me? | Soultenders

How do I know what type of therapy is right for me?

Let’s be honest, if therapy is new to you – there’s a lot to try and wrap your head around. Sometimes there can be confusion about what kind of therapy...
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