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School Safety

We continue to be reminded of the unthinkable, sending children to school only to be senselessly killed in their classrooms. It’s a reality that we have become all too familiar...
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Pet loss

Grief and loss can encompass a number of things, friends, family members, even a dear pet. Pets are often a part of the intimate, complex dynamics of our everyday lives....
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Our professional lives are a significant part of how we spend our time day to day. Some of us find fulfillment in our work. Others of us dread going and...
Category: Patient & Families

And for the Partners….

Therapy can also be a space for the partners who are alongside the pregnancy journey. Partners also weather the emotional journey leading up to pregnancy but their needs are often...
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Wearing Multiple Hats

How many hats do you wear throughout the day? We often have physical hats or clothing that help distinguish one hat from another. The pandemic has asked us to wear...
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It’s a word that gets used pretty often today. But do we think it could happen to us?
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Talking about mental health

How many of us feel like we just don’t know what to say when someone cries, has a panic attack, or shuts down. Even us therapists can safely say, yah,...
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It’s heartbreaking to learn someone you care about is being bullied. It’s heartbreaking to be bullied.
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How Does Telehealth and Online Therapy Work | Soultenders

What You Need to Know About Telehealth and Online Therapy

Yes, a lot of us have become savvy with zoom and meeting others virtually since the onset of the pandemic. While we may know how meeting remotely works in our...
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