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Do you find yourself losing your patience more than usual? Are you constantly worrying about something you said or worrying about how something you say may be perceived by others?...
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What Type of Therapy is Right for Me? | Soultenders

How do I know what type of therapy is right for me?

Let’s be honest, if therapy is new to you – there’s a lot to try and wrap your head around. Sometimes there can be confusion about what kind of therapy...
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The 4th of July

The Fourth of July. Beneath the hoopla of fireworks and red white and blue adornments is a national holiday. It’s a holiday that can stir up feelings of belonging or...
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Traveling again?

Traveling takes us other places, visits with friends and relatives, but often times people struggle with the “getting there”. Covid has certainly added another layer of complexity to the ordeal....
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Summer break

What does summer mean for you and your family? If you’re in school, you’re likely pushing through the last tests, finals, papers and presentations to close this academic chapter.
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Pregnancy can bring up a spectrum of emotions. Finding out that you’re pregnant can bring joy, dread, relief, fear, excitement, anxiety and more. Finding out that you’re not pregnant can...
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Caregiving is the act of giving care to another. Giving care can be brief, intermittent, and long term. Becoming a caregiver might happen suddenly due to a major change in...
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The word alone carries weight in our culture. Someone might say, “I have teenagers” and often the assumption is that the other person gets that your days are impacted by...
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Family Dynamics

Families are complicated. Our family of origin shapes our development for better or for worse. Who are we in our families?
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