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Impact of Covid

It seems like we have reached a point where more and more of us are either transitioning back into the work setting or examining how our remote lifestyle can be sustainable long-term. How are you coping with these adjustments? Is anxiety surfacing for you when you imagine returning to the workplace? Are you feeling overwhelmed or are you struggling with communication and/or social skills? A dedicated therapist can help you with that transition and support the development of those skills.

A therapist or psychologist can also help you process how the pandemic impacted your life. How quickly we found ourselves having to adjust to restrictions in all areas of our lives. Some of us were able to shift our work remotely and felt the support from leadership in navigating this transition. A lot of us did not have that option and were considered “essential workers”; nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, transportation workers, etc. Many of us were overextended, having to work and oversee our kids’ online learning from home.

How did your relationships weather this pandemic? Did your views on vaccines and mask wearing affect your dynamics with friends and family? What did you learn about the ways in which you handle stress? Have you been coping with financial uncertainty, food insecurity, or unemployment? Have you felt hopeless, lost motivation, or stopped enjoying things you used to? How have you been managing? Did you physically experience covid-19? Most of us know of someone who died from covid. Have you grieved? Was your grief compounded with the restrictions of the pandemic?

Whether it’s anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, grief and loss, or panic symptoms, therapy can help you decrease your distressing symptoms related to the impact of covid-19. Therapy can also help you process trauma related to the pandemic. This is an extraordinary stressor that affected us all in some way. Therapy can be that helping hand that helps us heal.

Written by:

Lauren Pena MFT, ATR, LMFT # 130687

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