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Motherhood. There’s so much to unpack right there. Have you had a minute to consider the impact motherhood has had on your life? Is it possible that some of the symptoms you’re experiencing are connected to some of the complexities of being a mom?

A lot of moms are increasingly finding themselves in the position of the “breadwinner” in the family. What is it like to carry the financial weight with the needs of being a mom. And balancing those needs in a marriage, a partnership, or on your own. How do you factor in family, friends, relationships at work? Have you found balance or are you barely holding on?

A lot of moms are also full-time moms. What is the impact of “staying home”? Or of staying home with kids during the pandemic. Do we have relationships with other adults and if not, how does that affect us? How are we holding it all together? What is the toll on being the backbone of the whole family?

Like we said before, there’s so much to unpack. Therapy can be a space to explore your identity as a mom, on becoming parents, on becoming parents to multiple children. Consider the journey to becoming parents- fertility, fostering, adoption, unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage. And what about sleep deprivation, postpartum depression, parenting, co-parenting, setting limits, discipline. Does your child have special needs? How are you coping navigating supportive resources and advocacy for needs? Are you noticing anxiety build before medical or school appointments? Are there barriers to your communication to teachers, doctors, your partner, or your child? What about school? How are you coping with bullying? Is your own trauma being triggered? How are you coping with developmental transitions in adolescence or your children leaving the nest? What does parenting look like in an intergenerational family home?

Are you finding yourself more irritable, less patient, or lack motivation? What might the impact on your relationships be if you had a dedicated space for an hour a week with someone who can just see you and your needs? With someone who can challenge thought patterns, or hold you accountable to care for your needs or help you see intergenerational trauma? Carving out that space for therapy each week to process the many facets of motherhood many have a ripple effect across various parts of your life.

Written by:

Lauren Pena MFT, ATR, LMFT # 130687

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