Soultenders is a network of independent mental health therapists helping adults, children and families put their dreams in motion.


These are scary times and you aren’t alone in feeling that way. Whether you are directly impacted by the Coronavirus, or simply feeling stressed or fearful, our more than 150 Soultenders providers are dedicated to helping anyone in need during this crisis.

  • We are continually working to open availability for new patients,
    both via teletherapy and in-person
  • Teletherapy is currently covered by most insurance plans and
    allows you to have an in-person therapeutic experience without
    being in close physical contact with your therapist. You only need
    to download a confidential and HIPAA compliant mobile application.
  • We take most major insurance plans.
  • Contact us today to discuss your therapy options and make an
    appointment - via phone 626-701-4249 or email at
  • We provide teletherapy services to individuals throughout the state of California.

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Why Therapy?

 Therapy helps us clarify life’s confusions, process our emotions and gives us a new way to approach challenges.  Therapy does not provide instant results nor is it a cure. At times it may be uncomfortable and some patients may feel worse before they start to feel better. But with a little time and effort, the results of therapy can be life-changing. So be patient, because you’re worth the wait! Soultenders therapists help clients work out solutions according to individual values and lifestyles. Each therapist chooses their own methodology and philosophy for working with clients in order to improve their mental health.

Why Soultenders?

With over 18 years of service in the mental health field, Soultenders specializes in providing clients with skilled and dedicated therapists who can make a difference in their lives. Soultenders is committed to making quality mental health services accessible to all. 

  • Most major insurance plans accepted, in addition to Kaiser, Victims of Crime Compensation and many types of Medi-Cal and EAP
  • Low fee sliding scale options available
  • Nine convenient locations in the Los Angeles area
  • Therapy available in multiple languages
  • Speciality services for children and families
  • Therapists with a wide range of specialties and modalities (ex. CBT, EMDR, Play Therapy, etc.)

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