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Attention Medi-Cal Members: Make sure you are covered after April 1st, 2023!

Recent federal legislation separated Medicaid renewals from the Public Health Emergency, which means starting on April 1 states will begin the process of ending the extended health coverage for those who no longer meet Medicaid eligibility requirements. This means that you should check your eligibility monthly to ensure you are covered!

Here is what you can do to stay updated on your coverage:

Update your information with Department of Health Care Services

Log into your DHCS account to make sure Medi-Cal has your current:


Phone number

Email address

Check your Medi-cal coverage monthly

You can check your coverage by logging on to your DHCS  account or contact your county office to update your information.

Check your mail for renewal notices

Counties will mail you a letter about your Medi-Cal eligibility. If you’re sent a renewal form, submit your information by mail, phone, in-person, or online, so you don’t lose your coverage.

What happens if you lose your Medi-cal Coverage?

There are options available. Anyone who loses Medicaid benefits due to a change in employment status might be eligible for employer-sponsored coverage. Check with your employer to see if you are eligible.

Another option is an Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plan through Covered California: .

Please note that our provider network is not contracted with Blue Shield of California.

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