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How do I know what type of therapy is right for me?

Starting Off with Individual Therapy

Let’s be honest, if therapy is new to you – there’s a lot to try and wrap your head around. Sometimes there can be confusion about what kind of therapy is best for you.

So, let’s start with the most common form of therapy, individual. 

What Type of Therapy is Right for Me? | Soultenders

A Safe Space

Just like it sounds, individual therapy is a dedicated safe space to explore things that are going on with you, just you. A lot of us realize it may be time for individual therapy when we feel like our friends or family or coworkers are not able to fully understand what we’re going through. Or it may not be comfortable or safe enough to share with them. In fact, your thoughts and feelings may in fact be about them!

This is where individual therapy comes in and can be a game changer. You may find yourself more anxious than usual. Maybe you’ve been more irritable or crying and feel like it’s out of the blue. 

What Type of Therapy is Right for Me? | Soultenders

With individual therapy, a therapist will provide a safe space to dig deeper into those feelings and work with you each week to better understand how to manage those feelings and identify where those feelings are coming from.

The first session in individual therapy will consist of mostly information gathering. But your therapist is also supporting the development of a relationship so that you can feel safe and comfortable to share. It’s a balance. Pretty soon parts of your story start to unfold. What tends to emerge is a clearer picture of what’s working and areas that you would like to see improvement or growth. Remember, this space is just for you, so your therapist will help you create realistic and achievable goals to work towards. Each week, your therapist will check in with you and you will take small steps towards those goals. It’s certainly not a linear process though. This exploration into your world can at times be challenging, very challenging. Consistency is important and showing up each week can be tough – especially when we reveal things about ourselves that we may not like. Try to trust the process and keep in mind that your therapist will walk you through how to explore, reflect and cope with your most difficult thoughts and feelings.

If something here resonated with you, Soultenders has a range of therapists with varying experience and expertise. We have a team of caring people who will walk you through how you can get your individual therapy started. You got this!

Written by:

Lauren Pena MFT, ATR, LMFT # 130687

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