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Life Transitions

Milestones and major life transitions are a great reason to seek therapy. Whether it’s graduation, launching into a career, leaving or losing a job, getting married or divorced, moving -therapy can help you during this time.

Life transitions mean change. Sometimes it is a welcoming change like a new job, a new relationship, a new home, etc. For some, those same things may also create conflict, anxiety, worry, fear, depression. Often, it’s a combination of both. Feelings of grief and loss can intertwine with celebratory feelings of graduating. A major life change can be coupled with feeling of grief and loss.

We can adapt and we do. At times, with other responsibilities or stressors in our lives, we may not understand the impact of a life transition on us. We may start to notice it in terms of symptoms. Snapping at a partner, distancing ourself from others, panic attacks and more. A life transition can even trigger trauma responses and painful memories.

Therapy can be a support to you as you work through the layers of a life transition. Therapy can be that space for you to gain self-awareness of how distressing symptoms are impairing your life and give you tools for how to decrease symptoms and cope.

Written by:

Lauren Pena MFT, ATR, LMFT # 130687

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