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Hitting Bullseyes When Aiming at the Standard of Care


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In this 6-hour law and ethics presentations, which will fulfill your state-mandated
requirement for law and ethics, presenters will explore the concept of the standard
of care. The standard of care is the most important subject for psychotherapists to
master. Doing so can help you practice psychotherapy with greater insight and
confidence. After participating In this class, attendees should be able to:

  1. Describe the three levels of law and ethics.
  2. Describe the three key components of the standard of care.
  3. Explain why Ariadneā€™s Thread is a powerful metaphor for practicing psychotherapy.
  4. Explain the basic concepts of the litmus test for good records presented in this workshop.
  5. Describe seven mistakes that the psychiatrist made in treating Mr. Perez.
  6. Describe the three issues psychotherapists must focusĀ  in evaluating imminent suicidality.