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“Our existence lies in the space where we make choices.”

Ranee Bose Kang


Sometimes “life happens” to us and there are things that we cannot control, such as where we were born and raised, or the family members or coworkers we have. Othe...

Working with me is very casual yet structured; I will challenge you to explore conscious and unconscious aspects of your life to assist you in meeting your full potent...

"This gets to be easy, because we will do the work together."

It's not an easy journey and I am glad that you are here.

"Growth hurts because change isn't easy, that's why they call it growing pains" Tony Gaskins

Dr. Melissa Zavala

Licensed Clinical Psychologist , Psy.D

Therapy is a process. It fluctuates throughout one’s lifespan based on the needs of every unique individual. Although challenging, the ultimate goal is to gradually ...

Beth Reisler

If you want to know your past lives, look at your present condition. If you want to know your future lives, look at your present actions.

"The true awakening takes place within."

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