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So, who is Catherine Gruman, the person and the therapist?

Catherine Gruman was married and divorced in her 20’s and raised her two children as a single mom. She is very proud of her two sons and their family unit of 3.

During Catherine’s time raising her children, she worked as an admin/exec assistant in marketing settings, progressed into roles such as HR Assistant, HR Administrator, and Corporate Recruiter. She later received her BA in Business Administration in 2008.

During a period of difficult life events, Catherine decided to return to school and become a therapist – her lifelong dream – attending Appalachian State University in Boone, NC where she received her MFT license in 2014.

Along with training in Systems, Catherine developed an experiential, humanistic approach. She was trained in advanced DBT during that time, learning the significance of Borderline Personality Disorder and the importance of their need to be in a helpful DBT setting (a higher level of care and more helpful and successful than weekly therapy sessions).

Catherine Gruman returned to California in 2014 and got relicensed here in 2016. She received hours in California in Substance Abuse settings, eventually licensed, then onboarded with Soultenders in 2017 as a Private Practitioner. Catherine has since gotten EMDR Certified and is now in training to be an EMDR Consultant.

Catherine is loving her practice at Soultenders with its support, community, and learning. She enjoys continuing to learn about herself, her connection with her grown sons, their loved ones, and her grandkids. In her personal life, Catherine enjoys hiking, walking, road trips, music, and eats.

What drives Catherine professionally and personally?

Her pull towards authentic and healing connection. Her compassion for others’ healing and helpful and productive interactions.

What are Catherine’s top 5 values?

Loving relationships, Reciprocation, Deeper connection, kindness, acceptance

How does Catherine approach therapy and what makes her different?

Catherine Gruman approaches therapy with curiosity, and a sense of not knowing, welcoming the client to share themselves and what they want. She responds to their story, not imposing her own expectations on them. Catherine’s therapeutic relationship with her clients is key to their work together – it can make or break success in therapy.

Visit Catherine’s online profile to learn more about her

Image of Catherine Gruman, LMFT, Soultenders.

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