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So, who is Casey Huynh, the therapist?

My name is Casey Chan Huynh, I am Chinese Cambodian born in Vietnam and I speak English and Vietnamese. I escaped to Michigan as a refugee in 1981 and moved to California in 1984 where I set my roots.

I received my masters in counseling from San Francisco State University. During my undergraduate at Cal State University Fullerton, I was mentored by Gerald Corey who I have the pleasure of working with in many of his projects including; Issues & Ethics, Theory and Practice of Counseling, Group in Action.

Currently, as a certified EMDR, I specialize in childhood trauma with clients between the ages of 10 to 70, from all ethic groups. I also coach other professionals.


Pictured: Casey loves to spend time on the water, travel with her son (Japan), and
work on DIY projects at home.

What drives me professionally?

Professionally, I am inspired to guide people to heal their inner child trauma work through EMDR, clean out their pain and suffering so they can live their true self.

Personally, I experience the power of vulnerability and want to create a space for my clients to experience the same.

My Core Values

I value

  1. Vulnerability
  2. Responsibility
  3. Respect
  4. Love
  5. Self- Forgiveness

All behaviors are expressions of the core positive and negative cognitions acting out because the body is sad, mad, scared or happy. I see all people as humans with titles such as mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and others playing roles in our lives in toxic or non-toxic ways.

Mental and physical healings come from listening to our inner child with compassion.

Visit Casey’s online profile to learn more about her

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