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Lighting Your Candle, Renewing Our Calling: A Fireside Conversation with Wendy & George

Winter is the darkest season. Our clients often find their souls dimming in the dark and we, too, go through dark times. December is also a time of giving; we honor those we care about with presents. We remember those who gifted us with life and presented us with witnessing, affirming love and support, and ever lighting up our lives.

As therapists, we give in the deepest sense. Our caring attention helps our clients find their own gifts, the marvelous gifts that embody their wonderful uniqueness and their heartful gifts and talents that ever seek to be given away joyously and generously to the world!

During the time of year when the days are shortest and the nights are longest, when darkness reigns and life wanes, and when we find ourselves feeling depleted and our spirit diminished, we must reignite our light, rekindle our calling, strike our heart-match, light our candle, and set aflame our fire of passion and purpose once more!

Cultures around the world have long recognized the winter season and our psyches’ mirroring of winter’s spirit of melancholy and invisible gestation when the living moment becomes opaque and feeling becomes icy cold all around. And these cultures share a strong emotion and a common intuition to light the fire of heart and hearth, increase the light without and within, and call the Sun’s warmth to wax into life-giving fullness once more

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